The number one deterrent that keeps homeowners from new construction projects is the cost. That fact won’t shock too many people. If someone said, “You can get free work done to your home,” most people would be happy to add an addition, a patio, get the roof fixed, etc.

But as soon as people start thinking about the financing the project themselves, they simply say, “We don’t have the money for that.” But a lot of people don’t understand how quickly and affordably home improvements can be completed.

The first thing to consider is the scope of the work. A leaky roof many not require completely new roof construction, but perhaps just a patch. You might think adding another bedroom or bath will cost tens of thousands, when in reality the job could be a fraction of that.

Don’t guess; get an expert to give you a fair and accurate quote. It all starts with a call to a reputable company like Global Construction: (479) 246-0603. A call isn’t a contract and you won’t be billed for a conversation. But you will get a better understanding of the scope of the project and you will be one step closer to taking your vision from an idea to a reality.

Tips Landlords Can Use so Equity Continues to Build as the Home Value Increases

As the snow melts and thawing happens, pay attention to run off and any puddling or water build up around your structure. Tree roots can break underground pipes, passageways can get clogged and new pathways can get created. If water and sewage is running back towards your home or business and not away from it, then major problems can arise. If your foundation becomes compromised, the cost to fix the issue could be extreme. Contact a contractor or construction company that can give you a quick and fair assessment of the situation.

If you have investment property or if you are a landlord, it can sometimes be tricky to keep up on what needs done to your investment. One, you don’t live there so you can’t monitor and notice issues like you normally would. Two, renters are often less likely to report an issue they deem miniscule because they want to be left alone and don’t want the landlord coming around for whatever reason.

Touch base with your renters and ask them if they have noticed any issues with the property or have anything to report. You can also plan inspections and work to be completed when a renter moves out. If you know when a tenant is leaving, schedule the remodel or repair during the turn, so you don’t have an unhappy renter or have to cut rent down for a month while they deal with construction.

Investment property needs to be maintained over time if you want the true equity out of your efforts. From simple repairs to remodels and rebuilds, Global Construction will ensure the job is completed quickly, reliably and affordably. Get your questions about your new project answered now: 479-246-

The seasons are just about to change once again. For most Americans, spring is about rebirth, getting outside again and welcoming the warmer weather. But spring can have a nasty effect on homes and commercial buildings due to freezing and thawing, excessive rain and things not getting repaired from winter storm damage.

Begin your evaluation process with a simple walk through and walk around your property and building. On the inside, look for any new cracks in the drywall, paint, ceiling or where walls and edges meet. If you notice any changes from the fall, then you need to investigate the issue further.

Sometimes paint naturally cracks and peels, but most of the time there is a bigger issue. When a roof becomes compromised, for example, the water won’t just spill into one area for an easy-to-identify issue. It will seep through the roof, down the frame and slowly compromise the ceiling and drywall. By the time you notice water running down the walls, notice a drip from the ceiling or a water stain, the damage could be severe within the infrastructure.

If you see any signs of water or new damage that happened over the winter, call a construction expert immediately. The problem will only get worse and cost you more in the end, not to mention the added insurance hassle.

March is a great time to evaluate your property and to schedule service before the April showers hit. It is the same for outside of the home as well.

Are you concerned about an area of your home of business? Don’t wait for the issue to get worse—call the best construction team in America, Global Construction: 479-246-0603. Have an expert come to you and inspect the problem right away, so you know exactly what’s going on and what it will take to fix it.

There are many New Year’s resolutions that you’ll hear about around the holiday season. But there’s one that is guaranteed not to fail: new construction.

For starters, you will reap the benefits not only for the full year, but also for years to come. If you want a new kitchen, for example, once the project is complete, there’s no way your resolution of improving the way you cook won’t come true.

Another thing to consider with new construction is increasing the value of your current home or business. Every day that you let an area that needs attention go, the harder and more expensive the repair can be.

When trying to decide which company to choose for new construction, look for one that can handle absolutely every step from start to finish.

If it is a big operation, the construction company should excel in project management. They should have the ability to handle all of the details from start to finish. There’s no need for you to have to show up to the jobsite to address organizational issues.

Another big area of importance is from the design standpoint. You may have a vision in your head for a new roof, building, addition, etc., but turning that plan into blueprints is another story all together. Make sure what you want turns out exactly the way you want it to.

Ready to start planning that New Year’s resolution building project? Call the experts at Global Construction to get some questions answered and to start moving in the right direction: 479-246-0603.

It 1996, a simple concept was imagined: a construction company that offered the best products, services and craftsmanship, all at a price point that was superior to the competition. That was the idea behind Global Construction, and decades later that dream has finally become a reality.

It all starts with what you need to get done. Global can provide you with the best commercial, residential and maintenance services for what you need to get accomplished.

On the commercial side, no matter how big the job is, Global has you covered. And that’s no just an empty promise, as Global has done work for Mercy Hospital, Colgate and Wal-Mart. For over two decades, the leader in commercial construction has been Global.

On the residential side, it all starts with the customer. Each build has the client in mind in terms of bringing their vision to life. The types of materials that are used, the layout and final build will all be aligned with what you want to have completed.

Get started today with Global Construction. Find out more by calling 479-246-0603.


There are a lot of things to consider when trying to choose the best construction company. You want quality materials, great foresight and engineering—all at a cost you can afford.

One thing that you shouldn’t have to deal with or worry about is harming the environment or adding to the carbon footprint while building. There are two main ways a good construction company can assure you they are operating in the most responsible way possible.
It starts with dependency. The less dependent the company is on natural resources the more that it can help the planet. Global Construction is committed to finding the best materials and products, through a process that takes the environment into consideration.
Second, recycling at the jobsite as well as properly disposing of trash are both very important. Global Construction makes sure everything, including the dirt, get put where it needs to go.
The green construction solution is with Global! Find out more here:

When you are ready to build, the good thing is that you are expanding and ready to move into a new building. The next step is finding a reliable contractor that will do exceptional work while not squeezing every single penny from your pocket.
There are hundreds of different tips and suggestions on how to narrow down the selection process, but a good place to start is by looking at what the company has actually completed.
In the digital age, you no longer have to take a company at their word. There’s a way to prove if what they are saying is actually true. Does the contractor have a website? Plans you can look at? Finished work you can drive past around town?
With Global Construction, there’s never any doubt. That’s why they showcase their work, right on their website, so you can browse previous projects and even get an idea of what you might want to do.

Ready to learn more or want to get started? Contact Global Construction today at: (479) 246-0603.

When it comes to remodeling, people often think first of updating their home. They’re tired of cooking in the same kitchen and tired of looking at the same outdated floors, curtains, carpet and furniture.

Commercial remodel, on the other hand, isn’t always a top priority. Obviously, if you are just a mid-level employee at a company you don’t have a say, but for the people that do have a say – you should consider remodeling your office space. It makes for happier employees, it can “wow” your customers/clients, and you can be proud of your commercial space! Here are 3 design trends you should know about:

1. Natural Light

Utilizing natural light in the office has many benefits. The first, is that it can save you money on your energy bill. Aside from the economical and energy-efficient paybacks, natural light can bring about a more positive vibe in your office by reducing eye strain and letting people have a view of the outdoors. Bigger windows are great but you can also insert skylights or sun tunnels where windows aren’t feasible.

2. More Color is Better

According to some studies, color has all kinds of emotional effects. Lose the white walls and add some emotion to your office space. Red, for example, is thought to encourage practicality, boldness and confidence. Blue can bring about creativity and comfort. Lighter shades are trending because they reflect, rather than drown natural light.

3. Residential is Professional

Over the last several years, we have seen a trend towards making offices more home-like. Why not make your employees feel like they’re at home? Why not make your customers or clients comfortable when they come into your space? You can achieve this through better floor designs, more color, new curtains, and if it applies – ditch the cubicles for more comfortable living room-like spaces.

Is your business in need of a commercial remodel? Are you opening a new store or franchise? Are you looking to expand? Be sure to hire a professional company with plenty of experience. Contact Global Construction today: (479) 246-0603

The National Safety Council annually observes June as National Safety Month. While safety at work, on the road, in our homes and communities should be a priority year-round, it doesn’t hurt to have a month dedicated to some extra reminders.

At Global Construction, we take safety on the job very seriously. Protecting our workers and creating the safest environment possible is the first step in successfully completing a construction job for you. It is our biggest priority.

A workplace that is safe and healthy for employees, sub-contractors and clients is achieved by continued monitoring and execution of the latest OSHA and in-house policies to ensure an accident free setting. Some of these policies include:

  • Weekly staff meetings
  • Incident reports
  • Training programs
  • Continued online education programs

We offer these programs because we believe the more knowledge and education one has about their field of expertise, the more likely they will get the job done in the safest and most effective manner possible. Cutting corners can literally be dangerous in the construction industry and the proper training and education should prevent that from happening!

Whatever your industry, you should always take the time to re-evaluate your work environment. If it’s not a safe one, chances are, it’s not a productive one. For us, safety on the job will be a focus this month and the other 11 throughout the year.

At Global Construction, we continually look for ways to be greener and more energy efficient in our building process. What does energy efficient construction look like? From creating blueprints to deciding on a location to the materials we use, there are several ways to practice environmentally-friendly construction.

Efficient Planning

The construction process starts with a lot of documents, papers, blueprints and planning. Online document transfers and better blueprint processing help reduce waste before construction even begins. Planning the project in detail and utilizing technology that helps reduce secondary trips allow us to meet our environmental goals.


Proper site location is important, especially when something like solar panels are being installed. When a building is in a location where solar options are maximized, it can be much more energy efficient.

Another consideration for the construction company and the property owner to make is how the new building(s) will share its surrounding with trees, plants and wildlife. Many times, it is beneficial for all parties to share their surroundings rather than destroy them.


The building materials themselves may help reduce energy use and waste more than any other factor. Responsibly harvested wood, recyclable steel, long lasting plastic, think durable windows, and more efficient insulation are all materials that will use less resources over time.

With the environment and energy efficiency in mind, residential and commercial property owners can save money and lengthen the life of their buildings. Ask Global Construction about our environmental goals and how our energy efficient construction can help you.

At Global Construction, we have almost 2 decades of experience in commercial construction, residential construction, design, and project management. Although construction is our “bread and butter,” our maintenance services are what set us above the rest!

For those who own several buildings and properties, these services really come in handy. Whether its painting, electrical work, plumbing, or you simply need help hanging some pictures – Global Construction provides all of those services and more for all of your buildings on one invoice.

One of the problems with many companies who provide maintenance is their lack of willingness to be flexible. At Global Construction, we’ll work with you in providing everything you need without disrupting your business. We’ll gladly work nights and/or weekends in order to stay out of the way of your normal business routine.

We seek to make things as simple as possible for you. You get one invoice per month and 12 per year, regardless of how many properties or buildings we maintain. You’ll also get a summary of maintenance services we provided throughout the year.

Worry less about record-keeping and hire Global Construction for timely, professional, and high-quality maintenance services! Give us a call at 479-246-0603 or contact us here on our website.

Whether you’re looking to hire a company to build you a new home or a new location for your business, it’s important to find the right people for the job.

While all legitimate construction companies have licensed architects, builders, and planners on their team, not all construction companies are the same shape and size. Here are a few things we think you should look for when hiring for your next big build:

  1. Safety-Oriented – Safety first, it’s cliché but it certainly rings true in the construction industry. At Global Construction, we’re 100 percent committed to creating a safe work environment.
  2. Communication – One of the most frustrating aspects of constructing a new building is potential pushed-back deadlines. Make sure you hire a construction company that will communicate honestly with you.
  3. Experience – Does the company you’re looking at have a good history? You should be able to look at past projects and talk to past customers when deciding if the company has the right experience for your project.
  4. Environmentally-Friendly – This matters more to some than others. But at Global Construction, we believe that reducing our dependency on natural resources and recycling job waste not only helps our environment, but makes us more efficient in our work.
  5. Planning and Scheduling – You need to work with a company that knows how to properly implement a plan and schedule strategies. Make sure your construction company excels at project management.

Global Construction was established in 1996 as a commercial general contractor and we believe we meet all of the above criteria and would love to work with you on your next project. Regardless of who you choose, just make sure you do your research! If you would like more information from us, feel free to call 479-246-0603.