Commercial Remodeling

Commercial remodeling can get expensive thanks to a number of external factors (cost of living in certain areas, overall commercial building demand, increasing design and material expenses, etc.). So we’ve listed a few of the most important ways you can make sure your workplace remodel costs don’t bust your budget.

First, meet with a project manager as early as possible to coordinate an extensive examination during the site selection stage to expose any potential problems.

Try to reach an agreement with the landlord to ensure they are giving you the most favorable tenant improvement packages based on the condition of the space. Get absolute clarification that the legal wording in the lease protects you—the tenant—from any undisclosed costs.

Work with your project manager, architect, and contractor to distinguish the project goals and limitations early. This will help to keep your remodel project as a whole on schedule and on budget.

Audio-visual technology, security technology, and IT are also big expense factors. Hiring an experienced adviser to come up with sensible audio-visual and IT solutions can help decrease overall tenant improvement expenses.

There’s one last thing for you to consider if you’re planning an office remodel: creative space can be reused again and again, so a great money-saving option would be looking at second-generation creative space. A second- gen space is built to be similar to another space, but with some improvements already been built in. All this means that the space might not need as much redone for its structure or interior.  This also applies to any rental or leased space, though high demand can make these spaces hard to find.

If you would like more information about commercial remodeling, visit our commercial construction page. And be sure to check out our service areas page to see if our services are available near you.

Cold weather during a construction project can interrupt work productivity and affect workers’ safety. Here are a few things to keep in mind as a client if you need or want construction done during the winter season.

Cold Weather Weakens Setting Concrete

As concrete dries and sets, a chemical reaction transforms the concrete’s structure from liquid to solid. The concrete’s temperature greatly affects how quickly that change occurs. For a strong and long-lasting finish, concrete needs to dry as fast as possible, so it needs to be protected from colder temperatures that can slow drying time. If the concrete freezes before drying, its structure is damaged, reducing its strength & sturdiness beyond repair. Since water expands as it freezes, the concrete needs time to develop an adequate amount of strength to resist that pressure.

Finishing Drywall & Painting in Cold Weather

Anyone who attempts to use spackle or joint compound on drywall in temperatures below 60°F will find that it becomes brittle and doesn’t stick properly to the wall. They’ll also have problems when it’s time to paint the wall. Cold temperatures slow down the evaporation process, so paint takes longer to dry the colder it is.  Factor in the drying times between coats of paint and you can see how this can lengthen the total project time and reduce productivity. In addition to that, cold changes paint’s chemical structure, making it thick and incredibly difficult to spread.

How Cold Weather Causes Health Issues

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, construction workers in cold weather are often subject to health conditions like frostbite and hypothermia. These serious conditions occur when blood leaves extremities to protect internal organs or when the body loses heat faster than it’s able to generate it. The risk factor increases in colder weather and is worsened by damp conditions.

Keep in mind the effects the cold has on construction equipment, work productivity and safety when considering having construction done during colder months. Take a look at the construction services that Global Construction offer.


The key to any project is getting it done right, the first time. A common construction problem often revolves around a communication breakdown. Communication is necessary for the success of any construction project. Communication issues during construction projects mostly happen when things are going wrong. Plan with your construction team ahead of time on the best ways to keep steady, efficient communication during the project in whatever ways work best. This might be through text messages, emails or special mobile phone video chat apps that allow real-time communication concerning construction project progress, updates and delays.

The construction project management has the authority to make decisions and equipment acquisition processes which should fit the project’s schedule. However, having management that is unable to deal with the speed and scale of demand could become a major problem for the construction project’s success. The construction project management should have people with the right management skills that will guarantee the success of the project according to the schedule.

The last thing you want to do is guess on whether or not the company is reliable and if they make good on their promise that they won’t cut corners. Look at the reviews, their history and talk directly to the company.

If you’re ready to begin construction for a new business or home, or you just need some maintenance work done, Global Construction can help you get started. Visit our Services page for details, or our Contact page if you need more information.

Construction Challenges

Think about what your biggest challenges are with your construction projects. Many details need to be closely observed for a building project to be a success. Contractors have a duty to ensure that they have an acceptable and official set of documents. But no set of documents is ever 100% correct or complete. Sometimes challenges arise quickly during construction that can affect completion time or the budget. Here are some common issues construction professionals face and how to resolve these problems.

One major issue the construction industry deals with is an insufficient number of qualified and experienced workers to meet the growing demand in the construction market. A factor contributing to this is the limited understanding of the benefits of a construction career, and so young people end up deciding on other fields in college. Additionally, most construction companies have the habit of working with teams they’ve worked with before, and fail to establish a relationship with the agencies and workforce that actually fit the construction job. That said, you can find skilled workers from construction staffing agencies, but you don’t know their background and who will actually be working on your site. Global Construction works with businesses and residential areas nationwide. Simply visit our Service Areas page to see if we operate in your state.

A common construction issue with residential areas is a homeowner’s fear of uncertainty about the project deadline and wanting that deadline to be as soon as possible. The contractor should specify the production schedule details in the construction contract which can be used to observe the project’s progress. There are some acceptable reasons for project delays that you need to be aware of (or made aware of) ahead of time. But if other delays occur, they should also be addressed quickly and the homeowner and the contractor need to talk as soon as possible.


If you’re ready to begin construction for a new business or home, or you just need some maintenance work done, Global Construction can help you get started. Visit our Services page for details, or our Contact page if you need more information.


When doing an outside home inspection (remember, this can be done by just walking around your house or business and noticing any changes), the gutters and drainage can be just as important as the roof.

The next major area to examine is your gutter system, or you could be dealing with some costly issues. Leaves, sticks and general debris can prevent proper drainage after a storm or even light rain.

In the winter, when the temperatures drop, the water that can’t gravity-flow from the gutters can freeze. That added weight can cause gutters to break and fall to the ground.

Also, if you have reoccurring puddles and still water, look at adding drainage tiles.

When problems arise, make sure you address them right away as construction issues never fix themselves—they just compound. If you have the ability, fix what you can. But be careful, if you start tearing up shingles on corners, you could be adding more holes to the roof than when you started.

For all of your construction concerns, call Global to ensure your building continues to last and your equity continues to grow: 479-246-0603.

Checklist for Maintenance

It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new home, own an old factory building or have something only a couple of decades old, ongoing maintenance is key.

Every season, there should be a checklist of tasks to complete to ensure you continue to keep the equity in your property. Could you imagine paying on a unit for 30 years, only to find out the value is the same (or even less!) than when you originally purchased it?

There are a few simple things that you can keep in mind to make the whole process a lot easier. To begin with, start at the top and work your way down. Go outside, take several steps back and evaluate the top of your house.

Did strong winter winds affect the chimney at all? Are there any shingles missing or roof damage? You want to address your roofing issues right away, that way when spring rains come, you won’t be dealing with even more problems from the inside.

One simple leak could start to rot the wood and interior of the home or commercial office building.

If you have owned your home for a long time, it’s always good to have a routine home inspection done if you feel there are any issues at all. A reputable, reliable contractor can give you a fair quote or provide the peace of mind knowing that no major work needs to be done.

Design Before You Build

Are you ready to build a new residential or commercial building? A good way to ensure you will love the new build and it will function how you want it to is by having a good design before you start.

A solid, well-thought-out design is the best way to capture your vision and make sure it comes out exactly how you want it to be.

The design and pre-construction outline will also give you an exact guideline as to the pricing and what is included and what isn’t.

So the first question a lot of home and business owners want to know is, How do I get started? The entire process can seem overwhelming, but getting expert advice doesn’t have to be. If you call a reputable and reliable construction company, a free design consultation should be a simple formality.

New builds have a lot to consider—the zoning, materials, permits, costs, timeline, etc.—the list goes on and on. But as the expression goes, the only way to eat an elephant is a bite at a time.

In your initial meeting, you can get a pretty good overview of what goes into designing your dream house or commercial business building. Will you be working directly with the designer, what role will an architect play in the process and how much final say will you have?

Global Construction wants to answer all of these questions for you. If nothing else, you will have an expert overview from one of the leading construction companies in America.

Your dream design starts with a call to Global: (479) 246-0603.

Grow Your Equity

There are different approaches when it comes to investment properties in terms of profit and managing. Some owners just want cash flow—they put very little to nothing down, have a 30-year mortgage and just want positive money coming in every month.

Other landlords want the property paid off so they can keep all of the rent money without having to pay the bank interest. Either way, for the best investment results, you need to maintain the property.

The value of the unit will increase over time as long as it is maintained. Even if you are only about cash flow, why would you throw away equity because of a lack of maintenance?

Even a “slum lord” understands certain repairs have to be addressed or you will lose the property all together. A leaky roof, for example, can cause serious water damage to the building’s infrastructure. Mold will soon follow and the longer you wait, the worst the situation will become and the more you will have to pay for repairs. Renters have certain rights when it comes to what repairs need to be completed by the property owner if they are to continue paying rent.

The good news for landlords is that repairs don’t have to cost a lot. With the right expert company, the job can be finished affordably and quickly. They can even add additions and complete other construction projects to further add value to the unit.

Find out how easy it is to get your rental back up to 100% while building your equity; call Global Construction for a consultation or a quote: 479-246-0603.

When it comes time to build, the first question everyone asks is, “Where do I start?” And the questions don’t stop after that.

Will the same company be able to handle my residential and commercial construction needs? Do I need an architect before I get started? How much does an architect cost? What input will I have in the design process of the new building? Will an engineer be included in the pre-build plans or do I have to outsource my own?

Not only are there a lot of questions, but there can be just as many answers from different companies. One construction company might be trying to get a huge quote to you, others might not be able to handle all of your needs and want to outsource.

The key is to start with your budget. Now, you want to leave a little wiggle room obviously, but chances are you won’t be going from 100K to 500K on a project. Whether you tell the company your budget or not, keep it in mind.

The next step is to get a quote or talk with a residential and/or commercial contractor that does it all. You’ll be paying more for third-party contractors.

Global Construction wants to help with your next project—if nothing else, get some expert insight and a quote that is fair: 479-246-0603.

If you are getting prepared to build a new building, add an addition or finally build your dream home, then it is a great time for you. New construction means building even more equity and increasing the value of the property.

But before the first shovel goes into the ground, there are a lot of local, state and federal regulations to consider. Most people don’t know the details behind every fence, access point, clean up, zoning restriction, how many yards from this and that, etc.

The good thing is, you don’t have to know any of it. All of your permitting and job safety requirement questions can be easily handled with a quick call to Global Construction.

Global operates as a complete construction service company, from project management, development and planning, to scheduling, permitting and job safety adherence.

The comprehensive approach allows Global to be experts in each individual area, such as getting the right permit for the right job.

Don’t waste time and money trying to figure out all the regulations and don’t get hit with a surprise fine for something you may have overlooked—get Global to take care of it all for you: 479-246-0603.

Out of State Construction

People have a lot of business transactions that occur in other states. It could be different offices, a rental property, sales across state lines, etc. Eventually, business owners want to expand what they have or they need to repair their existing properties in another state. So the question is, whom should they call?

Let’s look at an example: the main corporate office is located in Chicago, but the company wants to expand into Indiana and Wisconsin. The first thought many companies have is to contact a construction company in the state where they are going to build. The problem with that approach is that it becomes very difficult to know if the company is reliable and affordable.

Imagine if a construction company in your current area could take care of you in another state as well? That’s what you get with a regional construction outfit like Global.

The Global Construction network reaches from Washington to Maine, so you can ensure you are getting the right residential or commercial service, no matter how far away. Check out the service areas for yourself.

No matter where you plan on building, plan to build with Global: 479-246-0603.

If you own more than one building or investment property, there’s a much easier way to get issues fixed than dealing with multiple vendors and/or different maintenance companies. The simple solution is having the best team work on all of your buildings.

Having one reliable company do all the work is especially beneficial if your locations are spread across different counties or states. Instead of contacting multiple outlets, trying to organize the workload, following up with different contacts, etc.—everything is organized into one centralized location.

Another huge benefit is simplifying your accounting process. Enough with dealing with many different invoices, payment methods, mailing to one company, going online for another—one bill at the end of every month.

When the same company does service for your building, they get to know the structure, inside and out. That makes for the correct diagnosis of the issue and getting it fixed properly the first time. No lost time in the workers finding their way around or not being familiar with the building itself.

Global Construction will ensure your buildings and property stay in optimal condition and repairs are addressed expertly and efficiently. Global Construction wants to hear your maintenance needs and situation: (479) 246-0603.