Ongoing Maintenance Will Save Your Building in the Long Run, Part II

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When doing an outside home inspection (remember, this can be done by just walking around your house or business and noticing any changes), the gutters and drainage can be just as important as the roof.

The next major area to examine is your gutter system, or you could be dealing with some costly issues. Leaves, sticks and general debris can prevent proper drainage after a storm or even light rain.

In the winter, when the temperatures drop, the water that can’t gravity-flow from the gutters can freeze. That added weight can cause gutters to break and fall to the ground.

Also, if you have reoccurring puddles and still water, look at adding drainage tiles.

When problems arise, make sure you address them right away as construction issues never fix themselves—they just compound. If you have the ability, fix what you can. But be careful, if you start tearing up shingles on corners, you could be adding more holes to the roof than when you started.

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