Tips for Building a New Home or Office

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When it comes time to build, the first question everyone asks is, “Where do I start?” And the questions don’t stop after that.

Will the same company be able to handle my residential and commercial construction needs? Do I need an architect before I get started? How much does an architect cost? What input will I have in the design process of the new building? Will an engineer be included in the pre-build plans or do I have to outsource my own?

Not only are there a lot of questions, but there can be just as many answers from different companies. One construction company might be trying to get a huge quote to you, others might not be able to handle all of your needs and want to outsource.

The key is to start with your budget. Now, you want to leave a little wiggle room obviously, but chances are you won’t be going from 100K to 500K on a project. Whether you tell the company your budget or not, keep it in mind.

The next step is to get a quote or talk with a residential and/or commercial contractor that does it all. You’ll be paying more for third-party contractors.

Global Construction wants to help with your next project—if nothing else, get some expert insight and a quote that is fair: 479-246-0603.


  • I liked that you stressed the importance of determining the budget first thing as this is crucial for the construction process in general. I am going to build an office for my company, and I am not sure that the money I have is enough to implement all of my ideas. I will make sure to explore the options, and maybe get a loan if it is possible.

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