Construction Permit Questions? We Have Answers

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If you are getting prepared to build a new building, add an addition or finally build your dream home, then it is a great time for you. New construction means building even more equity and increasing the value of the property.

But before the first shovel goes into the ground, there are a lot of local, state and federal regulations to consider. Most people don’t know the details behind every fence, access point, clean up, zoning restriction, how many yards from this and that, etc.

The good thing is, you don’t have to know any of it. All of your permitting and job safety requirement questions can be easily handled with a quick call to Global Construction.

Global operates as a complete construction service company, from project management, development and planning, to scheduling, permitting and job safety adherence.

The comprehensive approach allows Global to be experts in each individual area, such as getting the right permit for the right job.

Don’t waste time and money trying to figure out all the regulations and don’t get hit with a surprise fine for something you may have overlooked—get Global to take care of it all for you: 479-246-0603.

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